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Go With the Flow: Expanding Water Efficiency in Our Building Services

We’ve been helping building owners and managers tame high-utility costs for almost ten years, and throughout that time we’ve experimented with incorporating recommendations to increase water efficiency and stop uncontrolled water leaks in buildings.

As the cost of water steadily rises, property owners are increasingly concerned about keeping water costs down. Identifying the causes of high water bills can be a difficult task for building owners and managers. Elevate Energy is now expanding our building services to address water-related issues that increase the cost of operating and maintaining affordable and healthy housing.

water efficiency

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We created a new fact sheet (at right) detailing the range of services we can offer to help building owners manage water use across the life span of a building. We are happy to discuss the best services and identify a tailored approach for making your building more water efficient.

In addition to the new fact sheet, we’ve enlisted our entire staff to help identify the best products to recommend to building owners. We don’t want to recommend anything that we wouldn’t be happy to use ourselves! Senior Program Support Associate Lana Panitch pre-selected a variety of water-efficient shower heads and asked staff to try them out in their own homes (they are also installed here at the Elevate Energy office in the showers for our staff that run, bike, or walk to work) and report back on their experience. Staff members are in the process of testing these out so that residents in the buildings we support can enjoy water and bill savings without compromising an enjoyable showering experience.

water efficiency“The majority of Elevate staff have reported back that the high-efficiency showerheads perform so well that they prefer them to their own,” said Lana. “Considering their potential for delivering water and energy savings, I think that the WaterSense-labeled showerheads provide a lot of value to homeowners.”

In line with amplifying our water efficiency efforts, we’re proud to be a WaterSense Partner, a program run by the Environmental Protection Agency. water efficiencySince the program’s inception in 2006, WaterSense has helped consumers save more than 2.1 trillion gallons of water and billions in water and energy bills. We’re looking forward to adding to those savings as we broaden our ability to help building owners lower their operating costs and focus on maintaining high-quality affordable housing.

If you have any questions or are interested in working with Elevate Energy, please contact Ryan Wilson at 872-206-3590 or by email at

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