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Green Financing

Construction Worker Insulating Wall with Fiberglass Batt

Elevate provides access to financial capital for multi-family building owners and contractors to support their growth in the clean energy economy.

When we work on energy upgrades, we also have the opportunity to support the building owners and contractors that we’re working with by providing them access to financial capital.  

We offer low-interest and easy to access loans for owners of multi-family affordable housing and diverse small business contractors to help them overcome barriers to accessing financing for clean energy projects. Access to financing is one of the services we provide to build a more equitable energy future. 

For Building Owners

Owners of smaller multi-family buildings often need smaller, short-term, and low-interest loans to finance energy efficiency or decarbonization upgrades at their property. These type of loans can be hard to find from a traditional lender like a bank.  

Elevate offers low-interest loans to buidling owners of affordable housing that we work with on energy efficiency or decarbonization projects. By coupling access to financing with technical support and recommendations for the best energy saving measures at their property, we can help more owners reduce their use of fossil fuels and carbon while preserving affordable housing.  

Interested owners can learn more by emailing 

For Contractors

Growing contractors looking for small business loans often face barriers like high interest rates, a need for a high credit score, a long wait for disbursement of funds, and a time-consuming application process. For many, working with a traditional lender like a bank is not an option. 

Elevate offers low-interest lines of credit to historically marginalized contractors ready to grow their clean energy businesses. We do this by pairing capital access with financial coaching to help contractors build their credit history, grow their financial expertise, and prepare for financial growth and stability. 

Interested contractors can learn more by emailing

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Interested in receiving a loan with Elevate? Email us at (for building owners) or (for contractors) to get started. For general inquiries, fill out the form below. 

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