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Solar Property Services

building with solar panels on roof

Elevate offers solar services including site suitability, solar assessments, procurement support, and integrating energy storage and other technologies. Solar can help property owners and managers reduce energy use, reduce operating costs, improve properties, and support sustainability goals.

Elevate works with many property types and portfolio owners and is an expert in multi-family buildings, affordable housing, and critical service providers. We integrate ASHRAE Level 1, 2 or 3 assessments with water efficiency, solar, and energy storage to provide simple, low-cost upgrades or comprehensive energy retrofit planning. In most states, these assessments are free and integrated with state and utility energy programs. Our services include energy assessments, financial analysis, procurement services, and construction management.

Solar Assessments

Our solar property services are integrated with our building and portfolio consulting to look at your property’s full energy performance and opportunities. Our property assessments combine energy efficiency, water efficiency, solar, and energy storage. In most states, our integrated solar assessments are free and integrated into state and utility energy programs.

Solar Feasibility

Elevate provides technical assistance and consultation to help determine if your property is a candidate for solar. Our engineers and solar professionals can provide high-level property pre-screening or in-depth photovoltaic system designs and financial analysis.

Solar and Storage

Integrating storage into energy planning for properties can provide a way to lower long-term system costs and create resilient systems for property owners and tenants. Elevate can assess your property and energy profile and evaluate local requirements and opportunities to determine high-level feasibility for integrated systems or in-depth system optimization. See more information about solar and storage.

Solar Property Tools

We have multiple tools and resources available to support you with solar at your property.

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