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Pest Management

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Elevate provides pest management training for housing managers and residents. When we work with building owners on energy upgrades, we also have the opportunity to create a safer, healthier home environment. 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is widely recognized as the most effective and least toxic method for managing pest control issues. Using IPM indoors also helps reduce asthma triggers by minimizing or eliminating the need for pesticides while removing pest-produced allergens.

A robust IPM program can eliminate the reliance on regular application of pesticides, reducing the potential for other toxic health effects from exposure. Coupled with our indoor air quality, lead abatement, and energy efficiency services, IPM is another opportunity to create safe and healthy housing.

To learn more about IPM, see our 10-Steps-to-Pest-Control-Factsheet (PDF).

Pest Management Training

Ruth Kerzee is a public health expert with a specialty in pest management and over 20 years of education and training experience. Ruth previously worked as the executive director of the Midwest Pesticide Action Center, developing policies to better control pests while reducing pesticide use through the implementation of IPM practices. She worked to draft and pass one of the first and most comprehensive bed bug control ordinances in the U.S. for the City of Chicago. Ruth holds a Master of Science in Public Health, is a licensed pest control technician, and sits on the Illinois Structural Pest Control Advisory Council.

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We want to work with you to implement your own IPM program! Email Ruth Kerzee or call 773-269-4065  to get in touch.

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