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Smart Electricity Options

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Whether you rent or own your home, smart electricity options can help you save money on your electricity bill.

I like knowing how much energy I’m using and when so I can take greater control over my energy use and costs. I check prices and track my usage so I can adjust my energy use to take advantage of lower night and weekend rates.

Zdenek P., Oak Park, IL, ComEd’s Hourly Pricing participant

Elevate is a national leader in smart grid enabled programs like demand response and dynamic pricing programs. In 2003, we piloted a program that allowed residential customers to pay less for electricity during off-peak hours. The program was so successful that today all major Illinois utilities offer smart electricity options!

ComEd’s Hourly Pricing

Today, we work with Illinois utility ComEd to administer its real-time hourly electricity option. ComEd’s Hourly Pricing allows customers to pay the hourly market price for electricity instead of a default fixed-price rate. Participants can save money by shifting their energy use to mornings, evenings, and weekends when real-time prices are typically lower.

Hourly Pricing provides notifications about the best times to reduce energy use, seasonal energy saving tips, monthly savings reports, tools to automate savings, and live customer support.

Call us at 888-202-7787 or visit ComEd’s Hourly Pricing website to enroll or learn more.

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Past Experience: Ameren Illinois Power Smart Pricing

From 2007 to 2021 Elevate administered Ameren Illinois Power Smart Pricing, a residential electric supply rate that allows participants to save money by shifting their energy use to evenings and weekends when day-ahead prices are typically lower. For over 15 years, Elevate helped participants save $12,880,000 on electricity costs and save over 17,000,000 kwh of electricity. In 2021, Power Smart Pricing had about 13,000 participants.

Past Experience: Ameren Illinois Peak Time Rewards

From 2015 to 2021 Elevate administered Ameren Illinois Peak Time Rewards, a demand response program that gives participants the opportunity to earn bill credits by conserving energy during periods of high demand. For over six years, Elevate helped participants save $143,540 on electricity costs. In 2021, Peak Time Rewards had over 130,000 participants.

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