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Indoor Air Quality

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Elevate performs indoor air quality interventions to remove asthma triggers in the home. When we work with homeowners on energy upgrades, we also look at non-energy benefits of energy efficiency and the opportunity to create a safer, healthier home environment.

We work with healthcare partners to provide wrap-around services for patients with respiratory issues, focusing on uninsured or Medicaid asthma patients that have been hospitalized in the past 12 months. Our work includes personalized, home-based asthma education and home improvements to reduce exposure to asthma triggers in the home.

Indoor Air Quality Experience: Breathe Easy

Elevate works with the Illinois Institute of Technology on the Breathe Easy Project, a two-year study on respiratory health and indoor air quality. Participants complete health surveys and receive a ventilation system to improve the indoor air quality of their home at no cost. Learn more about the Breathe Easy Project (PDF).

Indoor Air Quality Experience: Pay for Success

Elevate works with AMITA Health on the Pay for Success project. Pay for Success seeks to improve asthma management for children and adults and reduce the number of hospitalizations and emergency department visits due to asthma through a multi-trigger, multi-component intervention. Clinic staff and community health workers at AMITA Health provide clinical care and home visiting. Elevate’s home assessors and technicians provide environmental assessments and remediate asthma triggers. If outcomes are met, a payer uses cost savings to make success payments to upfront investors. A pilot is being implemented to assist 20 homes with in-home asthma triggers.

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