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Lead Abatement

Lead Paint that is flaking off the surface.

Elevate performs preventive lead abatement, an activity designed to address lead-based paint hazards in the home.

We work with homeowners to remove lead hazards and create a safe, healthy home environment.

While lead exposure has health implications for all people, the effects are especially concerning among infants and children under age six. To protect children from lead our work is focused on child care providers and homes where children frequently spend time.

Elevate’s Preventative Lead Abatement Program

Our preventative lead abatement program removes lead paint hazards for no cost to make homes safe and healthy for the people who live there. Removing lead hazards at home can include removing lead paint, replacing windows and doors that have peeling paint, permanent enclosure of lead paint or dust, and more.

The program serves home-based child care centers in Chicago and Cook County, as well as residential homes in Cook County that meet income eligibility requirements. We are currently accepting applications for the program!

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Lead Abatement Experience: CLEAR-WIN

Elevate administered the State of Illinois’s Comprehensive Lead Education, Reduction, and Window Replacement (CLEAR-WIN) program from 2011-2014. The program replaced windows, a major source of lead hazards for children. Opening a window that has worn paint on and around the window frame can create hazardous dust when consumed or inhaled.

The program replaced windows in Englewood and West Englewood, where there are older houses and apartments that are more likely to have paint that contains high levels of lead. On average, residents gave the program high marks, reporting that they were very satisfied with the window replacement work (87% of homes). Learn more about the CLEAR-WIN program (PDF).

Work With Us

We are currently accepting new participants for our preventative lead abatement program, which is eligible to home-based child care providers in Chicago. The program removes lead paint hazards in the home at no cost. Fill out an application here!

If you are looking for lead in water services, visit the Lead in Water page.

To work with us on your next lead abatement project, email us to get in touch.

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