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Value for High-Performing Homes

appraiser evaluating the value of a high-performing home

Elevate works to ensure that high-performing homes are consistently and fairly valued when bought and sold.

A high-performing home is a home that uses clean energy and fewer energy and water resources. Valuing high-performing homes creates a cycle of market transformation, with homeowners eager to invest in high-performing improvements and homebuyers willing to pay more for homes with these features.

What Are the Benefits of a High-Performing Home?

High-performing homes cost less to heat and cool, are more comfortable, and are healthier for their occupants. They also can sell for a higher price and spend less time on the market, making them valuable in the real estate transaction.

Visible Value Blueprint

The Visible Value Blueprint is the only guide in the country for energy efficiency advocates who want to transform the real estate market. This work is a collaboration between Elevate and the Building Performance Association. The Blueprint outlines actions that high-performing home professionals can take to unlock the value of these special homes in the real estate market using data, collaboration, and communication.

View the Visible Value Blueprint

Realizing the Value: An Appraiser-Led Analysis of the High-Performing Home Premium in Leading Midwest Markets

Elevate partnered with an appraiser on this analysis to find evidence of a premium for high-performing homes and assess the visibility of high-performing home verifications and features in local Multiple Listing Services in four Midwestern metropolitan areas.

View the Appraiser-Led Analysis

Education for Real Estate Agents

Elevate offers continuing education courses for real estate agents looking to learn about energy efficient and solar homes, also known as high-performing homes, and gain the skills needed to market these special homes. See available continuing education courses from Elevate.

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Research and Resources

Want more read more about the value of high-performing homes? Check out our resource library!

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