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Solar and Storage

solar panels

Elevate works with property owners and managers to integrate solar and storage solutions into their energy plans. Integrating energy storage into energy systems can allow you to store energy produced by your solar photovoltaic system instead of sending it back to the grid.

Our solar and storage assessments analyze the costs and payback of incorporating storage, including localized regulations, requirements, and incentives, as well as demand management and ancillary services. We help navigate the different requirements and conditions for each state and utility that impact the feasibility and viability of integrated systems.

Why Combine Solar and Storage?

Storage can lower long-term operational costs and system payback, and create resiliency when power outages occur. This becomes increasingly important for critical institutions, affordable housing, and distressed communities. Storage can also offer ways to minimize peak demand or generate new revenue from ancillary services. Energy storage is already the norm in many markets, with property owners developing long-term energy plans that include solar and storage.

Solar and Storage Experience: Chicago Housing Authority Altgeld Gardens

Working with the Clean Energy Group and Northwestern University, Elevate facilitated the design of an integrated energy system for a public housing site in Chicago. The system design included 5 megawatts of ground mount solar, 4,000 kWh flow battery storage, and islanding technology for microgrid control. View the system design and learn more about Chicago Housing Authority Altgeld Gardens (PDF).

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