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Elevate’s policy work helps to maximize the social, economic, and environmental benefits of energy efficiency, solar energy, and clean water.

We leverage our experience administering energy, clean water, healthy housing, and workforce development programs to offer a unique perspective that translates across constituencies and enables us to influence policy and solve problems. We collaborate with local advocates to build a policy landscape that facilitates meaningful energy, water, and workforce programs for those who need them most.

Energy and Water Policy 

We’re part of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition and Energy Efficiency for All, two coalitions that advocate for clean energy and water policy, clean job creation, and efficient, affordable housing.

In 2017, the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition successfully passed the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) in Illinois, and now advocates for the passage of the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA). In Missouri and Michigan, our Energy Efficiency for All coalitions engage with local community organizations on issues of energy insecurity, water affordability, heathy housing, and diversity in the clean energy workforce.

Water Affordability and Lead Service Line Replacement Policy

We advocate for policies that help Illinois remove lead service lines and afford water utility bills. We’re working to understand the implications of clean water policy and what policy changes mean for our water services and the people we work with.

Workforce Policy

As an administrator of workforce development programs and training, Elevate shares what we learn from our programs with policymakers and advocates for policies that support robust and diverse clean energy industries.

Policy Successes

Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA)

During the creation of the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), Elevate took a strong role in educating Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition stakeholders on affordable housing’s energy efficiency needs and ensuring that provisions within FEJA would support these needs and the energy efficiency industry generally.

Since the passage of FEJA in 2016, Elevate has educated stakeholders, such as the state’s university sustainability officers, energy efficiency and construction contractors, and other civic groups on the energy efficiency measures of FEJA.

Learn More: Energy Efficiency in FEJA Fact Sheet (PDF)

National Multifamily Expertise

Elevate is a national partner in the Energy Efficiency for All coalition, which is dedicated to linking the energy and housing sectors together to tap the benefits of energy efficiency for millions of low-income families. Elevate first brought the benefits of energy efficiency to the affordable housing sector to light in two seminal papers on the subject, which were informed by the multifamily buildings efficiency programs we developed in Illinois.

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