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Four Things You Need to Know to Improve your Electric-Heated Apartment Building Today

Meters_PostMany Chicago apartment buildings are electrically heated – meaning that the primary heat source is delivered via electricity, rather than natural gas or other sources. A $1.6 million joint initiative from the City of Chicago and Elevate Energy will improve the energy efficiency of 2,500 electric-heated apartment units across the city, saving owners and tenants money on utility bills and contributing to cozier, healthier, higher-performing buildings.

For owners and managers of electric-heated buildings, here’s everything you need to know to take advantage of this easy, practical, full-service program and improve your building today.

  1. First, how will my building and tenants benefit from energy efficiency improvements?

Improving the energy efficiency of your electric-heated building will help you and your tenants save money on electric and utility bills, now and in the future. Buildings that implement recommended energy efficiency measures can save 30 percent on utility and maintenance costs.

In addition, you’ll improve home comfort for your tenants, increase tenant retention, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Implementing more in-depth energy efficiency improvements such as air sealing and insulation also helps create jobs and boosts our local economy. And, with Chicago winter now fully upon us, now is the time to invest in measures for warmer, cozier, and more energy efficient homes and buildings.

  1. I hear there’s a free energy assessment. What will I learn from this and what improvements are typically recommended?

All eligible buildings that apply will receive a free energy assessment and direct installation of energy efficient products for tenants, including a programmable thermostat and power strips to help minimize wasted energy.

While there is no commitment to implement more in-depth upgrades, the free energy assessment report includes expert recommendations on the most cost-effective improvements for your specific building, including potential air sealing and insulation and HVAC system upgrades. The report will outline projected costs, financial and energy savings, and payback time for each recommended improvement. Considerable financial incentives are available for building owners who choose to make these more in-depth improvements. In other words, we’ll connect you to financial resources (incentives, rebates, grants, and low-interest loans) to help offset the cost of the improvements, setting you on the path to savings for years to come.

We’ll also connect you to trusted, carefully vetted, local contractors to complete the work and we’ll oversee the entire process. Our proven, expert guidance helps you every step of the way to ensure maximum savings and impact.

  1. Is my building eligible?

Owners or managers of all-electric residential apartment buildings in Chicago are eligible to participate in the program, regardless of who pays the utility bills (either owner or tenant-paid).

  1. I’m in! How do I get involved?

MFApplicationEligible building owners or managers should complete a short application on Elevate Energy’s website. You can also get more details by contacting our friendly experts at 855.372.8377 or

Don’t miss out! Be among the buildings to implement comprehensive upgrades and access financial incentives.

The goal of the $1.6 million joint initiative is to implement comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades in 2,500 electric-heated apartment units in Chicago and to distribute efficiency products to an additional 7,500 households across the city, by the end of May 2017. Act now to take advantage of the considerable incentive funds available to help you save money and energy.

For more on the benefits of energy efficiency in Chicago, see our blog post and this Chicago Tribune story.

Not an electric-heated building? We can help.

As always, Elevate Energy and our partners continue to offer energy and water efficiency services to apartment buildings (two units or more), nonprofits, and childcare centers throughout Illinois, regardless of the heating system. Apply today on our website, or get in touch with us directly at or 855.372.8377.

The Retrofit Chicago Residential Partnership brings together municipal, nonprofit, and utility partners, including the City of Chicago, Elevate Energy, the Community Investment Corporation, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association, ComEd, and Peoples Gas.




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