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Building a Healthier Future for Chicago Children

We want to work with everyone we can to help them reduce their energy costs and improve their quality of life. We’re working to identify and remove home-based health hazards, like asthma triggers and lead hazards, through our environmental health programs. We recently worked with two home-based child care providers to remediate lead-based paint hazards.

Many older homes contain lead-based paint hazards. Lead has lifelong adverse health impacts, especially on children. While lead paint was banned in 1978, it continues to be an issue in many Chicago neighborhoods, particularly on the south and west sides.

After assessing their homes, we remediated lead-based paint hazards throughout their homes and replaced doors and windows at no cost to them, so they can continue to offer quality care for the children in their communities.

One provider said, “It would have probably taken me two years to save money for the services I was provided through this grant, otherwise I would have had to cut the programs for the kids.”

Watch our two new videos below to learn how we helped these two vital community educators improve the health of their homes and add new life to their businesses and communities. Learn more about our other environmental health programs.

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