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From Our Staff: What Does it Mean to Promote Smarter Energy Use for All?

Earlier this month, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of changing our name to Elevate Energy. We asked our staff to share with us what promoting smarter energy use for all means to them, and Field Organizer Tina Marie Williamson delivered a dynamite answer and plenty of supporting photos. Read what she had to say below.

For the last two years as a Field Organizer, I’ve been working with communities to educate them about the smart grid and benefits of weatherization efforts while helping them take advantages of energy and cost saving programs sponsored by Elevate Energy and the utilities.

I searched for photos to help describe my sentiments for what Elevate Energy means to me. I’m going to sound sentimental but, for my life, it means a lot. I said this two years ago in my interview and it really is true; for me, feeling like I am making a difference helps me love my life.

So what does it mean to work for Elevate Energy?

It means … getting out there and illustrating what smarter energy use for all looks like.





It means … educating kids and parents in their living rooms.






It means … working some holidays and weekends (below is from Halloween 2018).





It means … seeing things you’ve never seen before (like Weenie racing).





It means … cheering for your neighbors’ passions too.





It means … leaning on volunteers and community support.






It means … talking a lot.






It means … collaborating with and making life-long friends with other nonprofits like Citizens Utility Board and Faith in Place.






It means … an office with four wheels most of the time.






It means … taking a minute to sneak in some fun and participate.








It means … sometimes feeling “small town” famous.






It means … making yourself available to the community and getting home late at night.







It means … working hard all year, believing in the power of baby steps, and celebrating all the moments that remind you why you want to care this much!

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