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CEO Anne Evens to Serve on National Housing Trust’s Board of Directors

Congratulations to our CEO, Anne Evens, and Elizabeth Chant, Principal Consultant at Vermont Energy Investment Corporation. Anne and Elizabeth were recently named to the Board of Directors of the National Housing Trust (NHT). NHT is a leader in reducing utility costs in the properties that it owns and manages.  It protects and improves existing affordable rental homes so that low income individuals and families can live in quality neighborhoods with access to opportunities.

We fully support NHT’s commitment and approach to housing preservation and are honored to have a presence on their board.

At Elevate Energy, our mission is smarter energy use for all. We design and implement efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of energy efficiency reach those who need them most. As such, we’re excited to apply our expertise and assist NHT in developing and implementing new models that other affordable housing providers can adopt.

Anne will bring to NHT a particular focus on serving low and moderate income communities. In addition, she’ll bring Elevate Energy’s unique vision to provide a blueprint for leading-edge energy efficiency programs. We’re working in collaboration with New Ecology, Inc. to develop full-service multifamily programs in key markets, modeled after our Chicago program. We connect local organizations with start-up capital and help design and develop programs for the hard-to-reach multifamily sector. Right now, we’re working with an array of partners in six locations to make our vision a reality.

Please join us in congratulating Anne and Elizabeth. Together, we can help preserve affordable housing and deliver the benefits of energy efficiency with maximum impact and results.

See this NHT press release for more information.

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