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New Website Explains the Benefits of an Hourly Rate Option

When it comes to powering your home, you have a choice of electricity rates and suppliers. You can purchase your electricity supply from your local utility, or from an alternative retail electric supplier.

If you purchase your electricity from Ameren Illinois or ComEd, you can also choose between a fixed-price rate and an hourly pricing option. Customers can now learn more about the hourly pricing option from Ameren Illinois, called Power Smart Pricing, on a newly redesigned website.

Power Smart Pricing allows you to pay hourly, market-based prices for electricity. On hourly pricing, shifting electricity usage to lower priced hours can lower residential electric bills. As the administrator of Power Smart Pricing, Elevate Energy developed the new website to help you better understand how hourly pricing works, and whether it could be a good fit for you.

The new website helps make sense of the benefits of the Power Smart Pricing program.

  • Consumer benefits: You can manage your electricity costs by being smart about how and when you use your electricity.
  • Environmental benefits: By reducing electricity use during peak demand times, you help reduce the need to build or operate additional power plants, which helps lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Community benefits: Shifting electricity use helps ease stress on the power distribution system, making electric service more reliable for you and your community.


The hourly rate option can also help electric vehicle owners save when charging. Interested in learning more about the hourly electricity pricing? Check out the new site and watch a video at


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