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What Is the Smart Grid?

Digital electric meters in a row measuring power use. Electricity consumption concept.

The smart grid is what it sounds like – a modern, “smart” version of the electrical power grid! The smart grid uses technology that allows your home’s electric meter to communicate with the power company in real time. That means that the power company can immediately react and adjust when there are high power demands or loads!

For energy consumers like you, the smart grid provides the convenience of monitoring your electrical use in real time, which is especially helpful if you want to reduce your energy use during peak energy demand times when electric prices are high.

What are the benefits of the smart grid?

It’s reliable and responsive. Real-time monitoring of energy use means that the power company can diagnose and provide solutions to specific grid disruptions or outages. This leads to less people experiencing brownouts, blackouts, and power surges.

It gives you control over your energy use. The new technology used in the smart grid allows consumers (you!) to monitor and adjust their energy usage when they want. This helps consumers participate in utility pricing programs that help lower electricity bills.

It’s saves energy. The ability to immediately react and adjust to grid changes means that both the power company and the customer can save energy. By saving energy, customers like you can help to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s adaptable. Modern upgrades mean that the smart grid allows the integration and storage of energy from wind, solar, and other renewable power sources to prepare for the future of energy.

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