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Single Family Housing Characteristics and Energy Use Segmentation

The single family characteristics and energy use segmentation identifies 15 distinct housing typologies in Cook County Illinois that local energy efficiency programs should target for deeper energy savings and efficient program design and delivery.

The result of 15 typologies is based on merging energy use for 423,956 homes, and home characteristics for 919,103 single family homes in Cook County.

This document features example pictures of each housing group along with a short summary that includes:

• Median Therms
• Median kWh
• Median Site EUI
• Median Square footage
• Prevalence of each home type in Cook County and Chicago
• Geographic clusters of six housing types recommended for targeting

Detailed methodology is documented in ACEEE Summer Study Paper titled: Energy and Housing Stock Segmentation to Achieve Community Energy Savings to be published and presented August 2014. See Research Team for details or questions.

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