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Home Energy Information Guide: Taking Verified Data Through The MLS To The Consumer

Although energy efficiency is an important feature to homeowners and buyers, it is often invisible in the real estate transaction. According to the Demand Institute’s Housing Satisfaction Gap Report, over 70 percent of households report that energy efficiency is important, but only 35 percent are satisfied with their current home’s performance. This indicates a significant opportunity to improve homeowner satisfaction. In fact, energy efficiency was identified as being responsible for the widest satisfaction gap among more than 10,000 households surveyed. The report shows that increased desire for energy efficiency may drive renovations among homeowners and buyers.

Efficiency investments face a challenge in that they are not visible to buyers like new countertops or a remodeled bathroom. When improvements are done well, they are completely out of sight in attics or behind walls, with benefits that only become obvious after living in the home. This guide helps real estate professionals and Multiple Listing Services make the value of efficiency investments visible to homeowners and buyers, even if the projects themselves are neatly hidden. Real estate professionals can help homeowners see energy investments that improve their living experiences at home and increase resale value.

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