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Energy Efficiency Upgrades Help Reduce Operating Costs

Image of red brick multifamily building

In February 2018, property manager James Saccone worked with Elevate Energy to replace a failing steam boiler in his property. Mr. Saccone had previously worked with Elevate Energy on energy efficiency measures for his other properties including boiler repairs, lighting installs, and roof cavity insulation. When the steam boiler at his multifamily building stopped working, years of positive experience prompted Mr. Saccone to work with Elevate Energy again.

Upon being contacted about the boiler, Elevate Energy‘s staff of expert energy analysts performed a full energy assessment of the property. Elevate Energy provided recommendations for cost-effective improvements to reduce utility bills and property maintenance costs, and connected Mr. Saccone with  qualified contractors to complete the improvements. As a result of the assessment, Mr. Saccone decided to replace the failing boiler with a high-efficiency boiler and to improve lighting in the common areas and building exterior. Elevate Energy connected Mr. Saccone with an incentive for the upgrades through the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program.

The new high-efficiency boiler was installed and began running through the remainder of the cold season, and Mr. Saccone says that he has already noticed the lower bills. Reducing operating costs helps property managers avoid raising rents, keeping housing affordable. Mr. Saccone looks forward to the next winter to see the savings on his energy bills from the new boiler.

“They’ve got it down. The group at Elevate knows the formula; they know what runs in the buildings. They make it pretty easy to get things done. Being an owner and an operator, a manager of properties, the program makes sense in my book if you want to hang on to properties long term.” James Saccone, A. Saccone and Sons


  • $1,308 annual savings

Building Overview

  • Building owner: A. Saccone and Sons
  • Building type: Three-story brick building with 13 units
  • Year of construction: 1920
  • Heating system: Natural gas steam boiler
  • Neighborhood: Lakeview

Upgrades Completed

  • New high-efficiency steam boiler
  • Energy efficient exterior and common area lighting


  • $11,760 incentive from ComEd Energy Efficiency Program
  • $1,015 incentive for lighting installation

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