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Contractor Accelerator Success Story: Lisa Benjamin

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Lisa Benjamin has been in the contracting business since 2007. Today, she is the president and founder of her own business, Millennium II Construction and Enterprise.

As someone always on the lookout for new opportunities and ways to expand her business, the growing energy efficiency and clean energy industry appealed to her.

In 2022, Lisa heard about Elevate’s Diverse Electrification Contractor Accelerator through one of her employees, Antonio Philips. As Millennium II’s Lead HVAC Tech and Assistant Vice President, Antonio had been interested in growing in the energy efficiency space, and Lisa encouraged this opportunity for both Antonio and Millennium II. Lisa and Antonio both participated in the Accelerator for Millennium II, and Antonio was able to take a handson heat pump training class. Lisa appreciated the positive and welcoming tone set by Elevate’s program.

“The whole company has been inviting. No question is a dumb question. And the individuals I’ve met in these classes have a lot of knowledge of the product and are not afraid to give it to the next person. I like the family that Elevate has created.”

With the expansion into clean energy for her company, Lisa is excited for the ability to bring more people in as well. “I love what I do, and there’s always room for growth. What I like to do is create opportunities for individuals,so I believe that sitting at the table and being with Elevate would also open and broaden my horizons, and I would be able to bring new people on with this growth.”

Around 87% of constructionrelated companies are owned by men, so Lisa’s position as a woman business owner provides her with a unique perspective. “Men think that, because we’re females, we don’t know as much, but I try to be on every video, in every class, learn what’s available, what’s out there, the changes in the system, and how can I enhance my business, because this is my business.”

Lisa and Antonio completed the Accelerator in September of 2022, but their relationships with their classmates and Elevate will continue to grow as project opportunities arise for Millennium II to work with Elevate’s construction team.

Tiffany McFerren is the Contractor Development Project Manager at Elevate and worked with Lisa during her participating in the Accelerator. “I’m so proud of Lisa and the work that she’s done. She never gives up, and she always pushes for her company. It’s very exciting to have someone like her who always wants to learn more and get her business involved.”

Lisa would tell anyone considering entering the energy efficiency space, “Go for it, don’t be intimidated or sit on the sidelines. The opportunity is there, so learn as much as you can.”

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