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Collaborating with Owners Over Time Results in Highly Efficient Buildings

Image of archway entrance to large grey multifamily building.

Dino Mustafic at Wilmette Real Estate and Management Company started working with Elevate Energy in 2010 and has completed energy efficiency measures in over 30 properties to date. Many of Dino’s properties have had multiple energy efficiency measures implemented over the years. One of his properties, a multifamily building with 149 units in Edgewater, underwent energy efficiency improvements beginning with a boiler replacement in 2015.

After the success of the new boiler, Dino wanted to continue with more measures including lighting replacements, new refrigerators, roof cavity sealing, and boiler tune-ups. Elevate Energy helped Dino implement these improvements and take advantage of various incentives to reduce his out-of-pocket costs. Elevate Energy also offers ongoing maintenance and follow-up. With multiple measures over the years, Elevate Energy has helped Dino’s property become a highly efficient building.


  • $43,227 estimated annual savings
  • 1.5 estimated years to payback

Building Overview

  • Building owner: Wilmette Real Estate and Management Company
  • Building type: 13-story brick building with 149 units
  • Year of construction: 1920
  • Neighborhood: Edgewater

Upgrades Completed

  • New high-efficiency steam boiler
  • Air sealing and insulation
  • New high-efficiency refrigerators
  • Steam traps and boiler controls


  • ComEd Energy Efficiency Program
  • Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency Program
  • Illinois Department of Commerce of Economic Opportunity

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