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2015 City of Chicago Benchmarking Report

This report presents the second year of findings from the Chicago Building Energy Use Benchmarking Ordinance (Chicago Energy Benchmarking), which calls on Chicago’s largest institutional, commercial, and residential buildings to track, verify, and report whole-building energy use. Chicago Energy Benchmarking provides the foundation for an accurate and actionable understanding of building energy performance across properties and over time.

Even more importantly, benchmarking is engaging building owners, managers, tenants, service providers, policy makers, and the public on building energy use. By bringing standard energy metrics, analysis, and transparency to Chicago’s built environment, benchmarking holds potential to unlock energy savings, increase asset value, and protect  the environment.

With expanded coverage and partnership in 2015, Chicago Energy Benchmarking data offer insight into the energy performance of Chicago properties. More than 1,800 properties tracked and reported energy information in 2015; with a median ENERGY STAR score of 58, reporting properties performed above national median levels. Nonetheless, Chicago data also highlighted opportunities to save $100–184 million per year through improved energy efficiency.

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