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Elevate and Slipstream Statement on Wisconsin’s Green Ribbon Commission on Clean Energy and Environmental Innovation

Around the country, Green Banks are being recognized as essential in developing the clean energy economy and spurring innovation and growth to help fight the climate crisis. Elevate and Slipstream are thrilled by the announcement that the Wisconsin Governor’s Office is considering becoming a part of this important opportunity with the creation of the Green Ribbon Commission on Clean Energy and Environmental Innovation to explore a Green Innovation Fund for Wisconsin.

This commitment demonstrates a recognition of the need to address the existing barriers that can prevent the expansion of clean energy, particularly for communities that have been historically excluded from this growth. Additionally, we applaud Governor Evers’s willingness to listen to stakeholders throughout the process and discover the needs of those who would benefit from this opportunity.

As leaders in program development and delivery and clean energy financing, Elevate and Slipstream know firsthand the impact that investment in clean energy can create. Our work in affordable housing has resulted in cleaner and healthier homes and communities for the people who need them most, in addition to reducing carbon emissions. Our contractor and workforce development programs have set up businesses and individuals to succeed in clean energy careers. These types of programs and impacts are made possible by investments and institutions such as Green Banks.

We look forward to the results of the Green Ribbon Commission on Clean Energy and Environmental Innovation and witnessing the potential impact of the Green Innovation Fund in creating clean energy investments that are equitable and inclusive.

Anne Evens, Chief Executive Officer, Elevate                                          

Abigail Corso, Chief Strategy Officer, Elevate

Sandra Henry, President and CEO, Slipstream

Robin Lisowski, Managing Director of Policy, Slipstream

About Elevate and Slipstream

Elevate is a nonprofit organization that designs and implements programs to ensure that everyone has access to clean and affordable heat, power, and water in their homes and communities. We center equity in climate action.

Slipstream is a nonprofit organization that creates, tests, delivers and scales the next generation of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and financing that move us further, faster toward a clean energy economy. Our mission is to accelerate climate solutions. For everyone.


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