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Distributing PPE With the Village of Posen

Special thanks to Cindy Berger, Posen Director of Beautification, for their assistance writing this blog.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve provided emergency assistance to communities through direct assistance and funding. This summer we worked together with the Village of Posen, providing a $10,000 grant to supply Posen residents with personal protective equipment (PPE) and water.

Posen community members volunteering at the distribution day.

Like all communities, Posen has been impacted by COVID-19. Prior to COVID-19, Posen had an average household income of $39,000 a year with 65 percent of residents receiving state assistance. The grant was an opportunity to provide Posen residents with PPE and water that they may not otherwise be able to access.

Working together, Elevate and the Village of Posen set up a no-contact distribution day at the end of August. Volunteers from the community helped with distribution, including Mayor Frank Podbielniak, multiple Trustees, the Police Chief, church members, and many other Village employees. At the distribution day, community volunteers handed out 164 cases of water, 6,250 masks, 5,000 gloves, and 600 bottles of hand sanitizer to their fellow Posen residents.

Elevator Anthena worked with the Village of Posen every step of the way, from connecting them with the grant to helping coordinate the distribution day. Anthena went above and beyond by volunteering with the community at the distribution event. The Village of Posen awarded Anthena a plaque of gratitude for her support.

Elevator Anthena volunteering with the Posen community at the distribution day.

“Elevate Energy’s generous grant supplied assistance to families that might not be able to shield their loved ones in this pandemic. The Village of Posen is grateful to be part of the Elevate Energy family,” said Cindy Berger, Director of Posen Beautification.

We’re working with our communities during this time. Read and share our COVID-19 Resources page with information for tenants, building owners, contractors, and families.




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