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Get to Know a Contractor: Energy Reduction Inc.

This is the fifth in a five-part series on the local contractors we work with.

We often tout the environmental and community benefits of energy efficiency. We’re also making things easier for local contractors and creating jobs along the way. In fact, since we started our energy efficiency service for multifamily buildings, we’ve helped to create more than 500 local jobs!

We’d like to share the stories of local businesses that are creating good jobs and helping our communities do more with less energy.

energy-reduction-editedEnergy Reduction, Inc.

Meet Energy Reduction, Inc., an energy efficiency contractor based in Evanston, Illinois. The business focuses on cost-effective energy solutions, offering lighting, air sealing, and insulation services for homes and businesses.

Company President Bruce Cross said that Illinois energy efficiency programs have helped the business grow, enabling them to hire more workers and purchase more equipment. Since the company opened in 2009, they’ve grown from a team of two to a crew of four to eight workers. “The programs are a primary driver,” he said. “They are definitely important in driving the whole basis for our company – from the employees we hire, to the work we do, to the income we make, it’s hugely important.”

Starting in 2010, Energy Reduction Inc. got involved in energy efficiency programs run by Elevate Energy. The company has continued to be involved as Elevate Energy’s programs have expanded to include programs focused on cutting energy use in all-electric buildings. Cross said he would encourage other contractors to partner with Elevate Energy as well.

“I would say it’s well worth it,” he said. “Especially if they are of the mindset to make a better community, reduce our carbon footprint – things that many of us want to do – they would do well to participate with Elevate.”

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