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The Right Help at the Right Time for Spanish Community Center

SCC_BuildingWithin its 130-year old building in Joliet, the Spanish Community Center operates a year-round bilingual daycare, a food pantry, ESL classes, and offers community service hours and programs.

When the Center’s Executive Director Elizabeth Nevarez contacted Elevate Energy, she was interested in an energy assessment to improve overall building performance and reduce utility expenses. Because of the building’s unique ceiling, our assessment focused on pipe insulation and lighting improvements.

But while working with Elizabeth, the boiler began to malfunction. We shelved the other measures and connected the Center with a heating contractor to examine the issues and offer efficient repair solutions, saving them from having to replace the entire system. These cost-effective upgrades will allow the boiler to last longer and run more efficiently.

It was exactly the right improvement at the right time, addressing the center’s immediate need and saving on maintenance costs moving forward. In this case, we didn’t need to secure additional financing or incentives to help cover the costs of the improvement, as repairing the system was much more affordable than replacing it altogether. Click here for a full case study on the Spanish Community Center.

SCC_Photo“I cannot wait for winter! I’m anxious for having efficient, working units that provide adequate heat in this 130-year old building. Our staff, our students and our clients will be very happy, “Elizabeth said. “The contractors worked expeditiously. Very nice, neat, and clean. Half the time, I forgot they were even here!”

We’re now working with the Spanish Community Center to integrate lighting improvements into their upcoming capital plans, and accessing financial incentives to assist with the cost. The money they will save on heating costs this winter will be redirected toward further improvements and most importantly, to the community they serve.

Get a Free Assessment Today

As with other childcare centers, we work on your timeline and within your budget. We’ll help identify ways to reduce your utility costs through low or no-cost building improvements, be they immediate maintenance needs or longer-term plans for more in-depth measures. For a limited time, we’re offering FREE energy and water assessments for nonprofit childcare centers in the seven-county Chicago metro area or Rockford.  We’ll help centers like yours identify ways to reduce utility costs through low- or no-cost building improvements.

Improving the energy efficiency at your childcare center improves building comfort and creates a healthier space for staff, visitors, and children. In challenging financial times for Illinois childcare centers, Elevate Energy is eager to help you improve your facility and preserve your important mission and services.

Get in touch with us at (855) 372-8377  or send an email to Please read and share the Spanish Community Center’s story as well as these helpful fact sheets on our childcare services.

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