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What Are Demand Response Programs? (Ameren)

Demand response programs are opportunities for consumers to lower their electricity bills while helping to reduce stress on the electric grid.

When there’s a high demand for electricity (think of a hot summer day when everyone is running their air conditioning), it puts a lot of stress of the electric power grid. That’s not great, because an overused electric grid can fail and cause blackouts or power surges. Waiting to run your washing machine or dryer at night instead of during the day helps reduce demand during these peak times and relieves stress on the electric grid.

Utilities help you save money through demand response programs when you pivot your electricity usage away from these high-demand times!

How can I reduce energy during peak demand times?

  • Run your dishwasher overnight
  • Do laundry early in the morning
  • Set you thermostat four degrees higher than you normally would
  • Delay using large electronics like a window air conditioner until the demand time has ended

What demand response programs are available?

In Illinois, Ameren provides multiple demand response programs for their customers:

Ameren’s Power Smart Pricing

Power Smart Pricing is an hourly electricity pricing program for residential customers served by Ameren Illinois. The price you pay for electricity will vary hour by hour based on actual market prices. Power Smart Pricing uses “day-ahead” prices, meaning the price for each hour of the day is set the night before. Your bill is calculated using the hourly, day-ahead market prices and your corresponding hourly usage. If you are able to shift your electric usage to different times of the day you can take advantage of lower priced hours. You can manage your electricity costs by using energy wisely during hours when prices are higher.

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Ameren’s Peak Time Rewards

Peak Time Rewards gives eligible residential customers the opportunity to earn bill credits by reducing electricity usage during times of high electricity demand, typically summer afternoons (June through September). Your participation also helps your neighbors, your community, and the environment by reducing emissions and improving grid reliability. There is no cost to participate, just the potential to earn bill credits.

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 Want to learn more?

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