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Providing Emergency Assistance in Morgan Park

In early November 2015, the boiler failed in building manager Chiaka Patterson’s 12-unit multifamily building in the Morgan Park area. She reached out to Community Investment Corporation (CIC) to assist her with financing the replacement. CIC approved her for an Energy Savers Loan and referred Mrs. Patterson to Elevate Energy to perform an energy assessment. Mrs. Patterson had previously engaged with Elevate in 2014 about the possibility of doing an assessment.

Expert energy analysts promptly performed the inspection as the project involved an emergency heating situation. Elevate Energy provided recommendations for cost-effective improvements to reduce utility bills and property maintenance costs, and connected Mrs. Patterson with qualified contractors to complete the improvements. Mrs. Patterson reviewed bids from these contractors and selected Fewer Boiler, Inc. to perform the replacement. Within a matter of days, tenants had heat again and no longer needed to rely on electric space heaters.

As a result of the assessment, Mrs. Patterson decided to move forward with other recommended measures including roof cavity insulation and attic air sealing performed by Minnich Insulation. During this process, a roof leak was discovered that was also addressed.

The improvements to the building are expected to save Mrs. Patterson 29% percent annually on natural gas costs.

“I am very pleased that Elevate Energy has been so instrumental in evaluating my energy consumption at all my buildings and helping me figure out how to best conserve energy through different conservation methods. The staff was great to work with.” Chiaka Patterson, Building Manager

Energy Savings

  • Annual energy savings in therms: projected 3,840 therms
  • Natural gas savings as percent saved: 29%
  • Natural gas savings as dollars saved: projected natural gas savings $3,840

Building Overview

  • Building address: 11227 S. Hermosa Ave
  • Building manager: Chiaka Patterson
  • Number of units: 12
  • Structure type: Multi-family
  • Year of construction: 1927

Energy Efficiency Measures Implemented

  • Air sealing and insulation in roof cavity
  • Boiler replacement
  • DHW heater repair/tune-up completed by Mrs. Patterson’s staff at Elevate’s recommendation


  • Type of financing: CIC Energy Savers Loan
  • Amount of financing provided: $47,036.00

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