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Keeping Kids Comfortable at Childcare Center in Historic Building

Three children in a classroom smiling at the camera

The Learning Bridge Early Education Center is a community-based organization with a mission to strengthen families by providing children with high quality and affordable full-day preschool and early education. The organization focuses on helping children from all socioeconomic backgrounds gain the skills they need to succeed.

Learning Bridge provides these services out of a facility that is converted from a Victorian home built in the 1800’s. Although beautiful, the building required a lot of maintenance and upkeep; staff often complained about drafts, and the building was difficult to heat and cool during extreme weather months. Elevate Energy helped Learning Bridge as it evaluated whether it would stay in the building or needed to look for a new space due to the high maintenance costs.

Ultimately, the organization decided to stay in the facility and plan for capital improvements, including air sealing and insulation to address their weatherization issues. Elevate Energy was able to assist Learning Bridge with finding grant funds to complete this project, while undergoing a fundraising campaign for additional upgrades needed at the facility. Staff are very happy to be able to comfortably stay in this historic space and continue to serve children in the community.

“I enjoyed working with Elevate Energy. They enabled us to do work that cut our running costs that we could not have afforded to do on our own. The staff were very experienced and were a joy to work with. Thank you.” Lindsay Percival, Executive Director, Learning Bridge Early Education Center

Project Information

  • Organization: Learning Bridge Early Education Center
  • Project: Weatherization
  • Project Cost: $11,413
  • Funding: Full coverage of project cost through grant
  • Annual Energy Savings: 1,011 therms
  • Projected Annual Energy Cost Savings: approx. $1,000

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