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Improving Health and Safety in Auburn-Gresham

Mrs. Hope and her family have lived at their home for over 30 years. The single-family bungalow is located in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood of Chicago. Like many homeowners, she and her husband have spent a lot of time and money maintaining their home over the last three decades, but some repairs have been financially out of reach. During Elevate Energy’s assessment, we found original wood windows with suspected lead-based paint and a variety of health and safety issues in the basement. We hired a local contractor to make improvements to the home, including, installation of 22 vinyl ENERGY STAR® windows throughout the home, repairing a waste main in the basement causing sewage backup, and replacing basement stairs that were unstable and posed a serious fall hazard. The program helped the Hope family address these major repairs so they can live in a safe and healthy home.

“This is an excellent program and I am elated I was chosen as a participant. Now I have peace of mind that my home is safe.” Mrs. Hope, Property Owner

Property Overview

  • Property type: Single-family bungalow
  • Year of construction: 1926
  • Neighborhood: Auburn-Gresham

Healthy Homes Interventions

  • Remediated suspected lead-based paint
  • Window replacement
  • Installed energy efficient doors
  • Replaced basement stairs
  • Repaired waste main
  • Clean and tune furnace

Project Cost

  • Total: $33,840

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