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Efficient Exterior Lighting at Altgeld Gardens Improves Safety

Public housing property with efficient outdoor lighting

Elevate Energy has worked with the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) for many years to bring energy efficiency projects and savings to public housing properties across the city. In the spring of 2019, Elevate Energy completed a lighting project at CHA’s Altgeld Gardens that spanned over 10 months and included multiple phases of both interior and exterior lighting upgrades. In addition to saving energy and lowering operating costs, the new bright exterior lighting has improved safety at Altgeld Gardens.

After a property assessment in the spring of 2018 to determine energy savings opportunities at Altgeld Gardens, the project to install efficient lighting and interior common area lighting began. The work continued throughout the year to upgrade the exterior and interior lighting, and efficient products were installed within the units at the property. The total project retrofitted over 4,500 lighting fixtures at the property.

The positive outcomes that resulted from the work done at Altgeld Gardens were recognized by the CHA and led to additional energy efficiency assessments by Elevate Energy at other CHA properties, Lowden Homes and Trumbull Park Homes. Both properties have experienced malfunctioning and insufficient exterior lighting, which presents a safety issue for residents and visitors. CHA staff was impressed with the work done at Altgeld Gardens and the agency is eager to see similar results at the properties of Lowden Homes and Trumbull Park Homes, both of which have work scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2019.

“The lighting retrofit project completed at Altgeld Gardens is an excellent example of how LED retrofits can help the CHA achieve this goal of reduced energy usage and cost savings while also providing a safer environment for CHA residents with well-lit pathways and parking lots.” Ellen Sargent, Director of Sustainable Initiatives, CHA


  • $171,557 estimated annual savings

Property Overview

  • Property owner: Chicago Housing Authority
  • 162 buildings with 1,541 residential units

Upgrades Completed

  • Over 4,500 energy-efficient LED exterior and interior lighting fixtures
  • Efficient showerheads and faucet aerators


  • $662,005 in incentives from the ComEd and Peoples Gas Energy Efficiency Programs

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