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The Results Are In: Energy Savers Delivers Significant Savings

Although we’ve been measuring and assessing the benefits of our Energy Savers program for years, we thought it was important for an outside party to kick our tires as well. In late 2012, Navigant, a global consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, completed an independent review of the multifamily Energy Savers program to verify the energy savings in some buildings that have been through the program.

The study shows that Energy Savers delivers real and substantial energy savings.

The Navigant analysis finds that, on average, buildings that had energy efficiency upgrades completed through the Energy Savers program reduced their natural gas use by 20 percent annually. If you just consider the winter heating months – November to March – average energy savings are 26 percent.

Building owners who implement most or all of the recommended energy efficiency measures benefit the most. The study finds that these owners commonly see a 30 percent savings on natural gas use post-retrofit, and some buildings achieve up to 50 percent savings. The complete Navigant report is public and available for download.

The Energy Savers program is run by CNT Energy and Community Investment Corporation. Since the program began in 2008, we have retrofitted more than 13,000 apartment units in the Chicago metropolitan area.

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