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LED Streetlighting

LED Street lighting in use

LED streetlighting offers many benefits to cities, counties, and other public entities, including increased safety, reduced light pollution, energy savings, and long-term cost-effectiveness.

For many communities, converting to LED streetlights can be challenging because of the complicated ownership structure between a utility and municipality, and limited funding for capital projects.

Elevate supports both municipalities and utilities in the planning and implementation of LED streetlighting. A key part of our support services is leveraging available funding for a municipality, including utility incentives, loans, and grants. Our other support services include:

  • Providing streetlighting inventories
  • Assisting with the selection of appropriate technology
  • Managing energy efficiency incentives
  • Quantifying the environmental benefits
  • Conducting stakeholder outreach and education
  • Working closely with key stakeholders to create an inclusive community engagement process
  • Establishing regional peer networks for municipalities to share knowledge and experiences
  • Connecting to available funding and financing mechanisms

LED Streetlighting Experience

Elevate has worked with over 150 municipalities to promote and support upgrading municipally owned streetlights to more efficient LEDs. With Elevate’s assistance, these municipalities have achieved over 180,000 MWh of energy savings, equivalent to the annual energy use of nearly 15,000 homes. These energy savings translates to millions of dollars in savings for these municipalities.

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