Chicago Solar Map

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Data Layers

Overlay Layers

Property Filters

Parcel Filters

Filters for one layer do not affect the other. Filters for the same layer have an "AND" relationship.

Welcome to the Chicago Solar Map

This map shows the potential solar energy for properties and vacant lots within the available dataset inside Chicago.

Click on a city parcel shape to display information in this information panel.

It was produced through a partnership between the Elevate and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Cook County Assesor Codes and Descriptions

The estimates of onsite solar system capacity and production are the product of an formula which uses the total identified roof area, a cover ratio factor for solar modules, site orientation and other factors. While this provides reasonable estimates on average, the model varies in accuracy on a property-by-property basis. The analysis presented here should not be construed to replace onsite assessment performed by a certified professional.

How to Use the Chicago Solar Map

After clicking on a point on the map, a black dot will appear. Any property containing that dot will will be outlined in a blue outline and a blue map marker will be appear to the center, or nearest to the center, of the roof shape. Count assessor parcels are shown in light gray. Please note that a parcel can contain multiple properties and a single property can span multiple parcels. Some parcels contain no property, and are categorized as "Vacant" in the property dataset. Some of these Vacant parcels had their potential solar capacity estimated.

Map Components

The Map is composed of two main elements: the map area and the sidebar. The sidebar can be toggled to show two different panels, the Properties panel and the Layers/Filters Panel.

Map Area Components

  • Layer legend: Displays the color associated with solar energy capacity in kW (kilo-Watts).
  • Search Bar: Use this to search for an address.
  • Zoom and angle controls: In the upper left corner of the map, the plus sign and minus sign buttons control the zoom level of the map. The compass needle button below controls the angle of the map. Clicking on the angle control will return the map to having north being at the top of the map.
  • Scale bar: in the lower left, it shows the size scale of the map in feet or miles.

Properties Panel

Initially this panel shows the Welcome message. After clicking on a point on the map, this panel will show information about the dataset at that point. It can show information for the Property Layer and the Solar Capacity. You must click directly on a property shape to see solar information for that property.

Additional information about each data field can be seen by hovering over the question mark icon.

Clicking the "Clear Selection" button will deselect the currently selected shape, and have side bar to show the Welcome message again.

Layers/Filters Panel

Data Layers

The initial view is to show the Properties layer turned on. You can also turn off the Properties layer to more easily see other data.

Overlay Layers

These are additional layers to the Data Layers that appear as boundaries or half-transparent areas of shape information.

  • Chicago Neighborhoods
  • ILSFA Low-Income Eligibility Zones
  • ILSFA Environmental Justice Community

Property Filters

Property Type

When the Properties Layer is turned on, the “Property Type” drop-down control will filter the map to only show properties that have a certain type as defined and grouped by the County Assessor or Elevate.

PV Capacity

When the Properties Layer is turned on, the “PV Capacity (kW)” drop-down control will filter the map to only show properties that have a certain solar capacity within the selected range.


When the Properties Layer is turned on, the “Community” drop-down control will filter the map to only show properties that are located within the chosen community area.